Xpedition Sales 4020

  • What does it do? +

    The Xpedition Sales 4020 is a device that allows for purchase of new cards or to reload current cards, also known as ‘topping’.  These ticketing machines allow passengers to buy or reload smart cards and to check their card status.  It is part of the TapNGo integrated ticket management system from Transway.

    The Xpedition Sales 4020 ticketing machine is able to read the information on the smart card ticket, let the traveler and seller know how much money is still available on the card, and indicate how much more money can be loaded onto the card.  The Xpedition Sales 4020 ticketing machine is able to load trip contracts, or travel packages, onto a smart card ticket and charge the proper amount for the new package.  Together with a mobile printer, the Xpedition Sales 4020 ticketing machine is capable of issuing paper tickets as well.

  • Where is it used? +

    They are located in numerous accessible locations throughout the transport routes, and are usually at small convenience stores, also known as kiosks.  They can also be used at stations for staff-operated ticket sales.

  • How does it work? +

    The travel smart card is inserted into a built-in slot on the Xpedition Sales 4020 ticket machine and can be loaded with a new contract, or travel package. These handheld devices are connected online through cellular network to the back office system for data collection and reporting purposes.  They can also connect to a Point of Sale printer for receipts or reports on site making the Xpedition Sales 4020 into a ticket printer machine as well.

    At the beginning of a shift, the sales person uses his card to initialize the unit and set it to the on mode.  In the case of loading a smart card, the traveler can insert her card into the slot, pay, and once loaded, a green light and a tone will sound indicating the successful execution of loading the travel smart card.  In the case of an unsuccessful attempt, a red light will illuminate together with a fail tone.  Sales can be cancelled by placing the smart card back into the slot and performing a cancellation.  This can be done on the card of the most recent sale.

    In the case of a ticket purchase, the passenger pays and the sales person can choose from different passenger type tickets to issue.  For example, special fares for children, seniors, students, or physically challenged, or other relevant categories can be used, depending on the policy of the transit authority.  The ticket is printed and given to the passenger.

    The Xpedition Sales 4020 ticketing machine is connected to the TapNGo back office and ticket management system through cellular communication technologies.  Data is simultaneously stored on the devices internal memory, acting as a backup for the data that is sent back to the Cashier Station.  The communication with the back office system is bidirectional, which means that the Xpedition Sales 4020 ticket machine receives information on new routes, updated fare rates, software updates, lists of rejected cards and more.

  • What are its characteristics? +

    The Xpedition Sales 4020 ticket machine is simple and easy to operate, with a logical user interface with graphical icons.  The system is replete with reports, including beginning and end shift reports, and balance of sales.

    The high quality backlit and color touch screen, coupled with the sturdy and resistant keys makes for an aesthetically pleasing device that is easy to use and long-lasting.  The screen is designed such that it can be easily viewed from various angles and in a wide range of lighting situations.

  • What are the benefits? +

    This adds to the general convenience of the overall public transportation ticketing system and leads to a smoother travel experience for the passenger, as well as increasing revenue for the bus operator.  By allowing your passengers to purchase tickets at the central and major bus stations, as well as at shops, stores and kiosks near the bus routes, the transit company makes the overall travel experience easier and more convenient.

  • What are the additional options and add-ons? +

    Printer for printing receipts, paper tickets and reports

    Communication interface

  • How is it unique? +

    The data communication using cellular technology allows for the transfer of information at fixed times from the back office and ticket management system to the Xpedition Sales 4020 ticket machine and back while taking advantage of and utilizing the existing communications infrastructure. The information includes the uses of smart travel cards, the unit’s operator details, information of new routes and updated fare rates, loading monetary value for the unit operator’s mobile wallet, software updates, lists of rejected cards, and more. Built in redundancy means that your data is safe and secure, and that you have options as to how data is transferred. The data is transferred through the cellular network, but can also be transferred by the conductor physically taking the unit to the Cashier Station and using a Bluetooth connection to transfer data, which can be used as a backup. The Xpedition Sales 4020 ticket machine is flexible, and can be expanded or changed to have additional functionality, such as to be used as a conductor device, or even an Inspector’s Device.
  • Technical Data +

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    Display Monitor

    3.2" Color display and touch screen, 240 X 320, backlight, LED nits 500

    Operational Keys

    Resilient keys for intensive work, for functional use.  Numerical, navigation and approval keys, SOS key for emergency


    Interface for external portable Bluetooth thermal printer.  Prints receipts, paper tickets and reports

    Internal Memory

    4 GB (upgradable to 16 GB)

    Contactless card reader

    Supports the following standards:

    ISO-14443 A & B Calypso®, Mifare®, DESfire®, and NFS. 

    In addition to the option of card placement and reading near the sensor, the card reader has a slot option, which allows for inserting a card if necessary.  This is usually used for longer transactions, such as adding credit to the smart card.  This prevents the card from falling to the ground during the transaction.

    Acoustic Indicators

    One 1W speaker

    Illumination Indicators

    The unit contains a number of different lighting elements.

    Location Service GPS receiver SIRF IV with 48 tracking channels, 15s fast location acquisition (optional)
    Communication Method to Central Office On board cellular modem (2G to 3.5G option), Direct connection to PC via USB link for backup purposes
    Cellular Communication  CG - internal cellular modem

    Communication Interface 

    Bluetooth 2.1, R-S232


    Detachable 2,500 mA/H Li-Po


    Operation: -30°C to +80°C (excluding paper). Storage: -40°C to +85°C


    98% at 38°C non-condensing

    Shock and Vibrations

    IEC 721-2-5M3; Military Standard MIL-STD-810


    Full compliance: CE IEC 61000-4-2,4,5

    Protection from dust and water

    IP 65, IK08


    Reinforced plastic

    Dimensions (W) 10.5 cm, (H) 23.5 cm, (D) 3.5 cm
    SAM Slots 2 (upgradable to 4)
    OS and CPU RTX, ARM cortex
  • Key Features +

    • Part of TapNGo, an integrated management and control system for public transportation fare collection
    • Simple operation
    • High product reliability
    • Capability to transfer large volumes of data, with no limitations in the coming years
    • Color graphic user interface
    • Modular product that allows for 15 or more years of maintenance based on replacing subassemblies
    • Robust system that withstands a wide range of weather (heat, cold, sun, snow, humidity, dust, rain…)
    • App supports up to five (5) languages, including Right to Left languages
    • Safeguards and backup of all data
    • Centralized development and manufacturing of product and its components
    • Android Operating System
    • Light weight yet rigid

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xPedition Sales

xPedition Sales – Increase your Point of Sales stations at minimum cost by facilitating convenience stores and kiosks to help serve your passengers!

Xpedition Sales 4020

TC4020G RAL9005


Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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