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Security is an important aspect of any Ticket Management System. A Bus Ticketing System, or any Public Transport Ticketing System for that matter, involves a great deal of staff. There are drivers, cashiers, technicians, conductors, inspectors and more. There are different requirements as to where each group needs access to information. There could also be differences within the groups, where some drivers need different information than others and, as such, different access to information than others.

Ticket Management SystemTransway’s SecureNGo Security Station can issue smart cards and Data Communication Units (DCU), also known as driver’s modules, to employees. The smart card is generally used for cashiers and other office employees, while the driver’s modules (DCU) are used for drivers. The smart card can be issued with or without a photo of the employee. The reason for the two (2) different types of modes of identification is due to the different hardware associated with these employees. The DCU is inserterted into the Ticket Machine while the card is used by a card reader that is connected to a computer system.

For example, a bus driver needs to be entered into the system. He is usually associated with a certain station or branch, and needs to receive a Data Communication Unit (DCU), or driver’s module. The Data Communication Unit (DCU) is connected to a specific driver and has a password. A cashier would also need to be entered into the system, and have her authorizations defined. All of this is done through the Security Parts Registration Station.

The SecureNGo Issuing Station provides you with the ability to provide security keys that allow different employees the precise access that they need. The process is done in such a way that no one but the actual employee knows the password allocated, similar to the process of a bank card or credit card PIN number. The SecureNGo Security Parts Registration Station issues Smart Cards and Driver’s Modules to the employees with their passwords and permissions.


Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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