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Electronic Ticketing SystemMany Ticket Management System projects include the option for identification cards with photos for passengers. In many cases, this is related to a special pricing scheme for seniors, students, children, physically challenged and more.

A Personalization Station is used to easily offer and manage these options. The SmileNGo Personalization Station is an application with a customized smart card printer. It is used to enter all of the passenger information and during this process, the card issuer (transit authority or other agency) can check and authorize any documents, such as birth certificate, ID, student card, and the like. By authenticating the documents at the SmileNGo Personalization Station, the passenger is able to use just one card when getting on the bus or other mass transit vehicle. The information regarding the credentials of the passenger are digitally placed in the card, thereby allowing her to travel without specific documentation, such as a senior citizen card, student card, or any other card. The driver and the conductor don’t need to deal with multiple documents and ID cards either.

The special price, if relevant, is automatically given according to the profile entered into the smart card, and the contracts or pricing scheme used by the transit company. The card issued can also have a photo of the passenger printed on it. These stations are usually located in strategic locations and are easily accessible to passengers to issue their cards.

Even in the case of no discount, there are advantages to the passenger for issuing a personalized card. If the policy in the Public Transport Ticketing System is to reimburse for lost cards, or cancel lost cards that are reported, then passengers enjoy this benefit. If a blank card is lost, the passenger has no recourse, but with personalized cards issued at the personalization station, the passenger is able to get reimbursed, depending on the policy of the transit authority.

The actual machine is simple to use, and is generally operated by a single person at the station. The SmileNGo Personalization Station system includes a camera, smart card printer with an integrated card reader, and a Personalization software suite. In addition to the basic passenger information and credentials entered, an expiration date can also be included where relevant, such as for students or youth fares. Your company logo and the smart card design can be preset and stored.

The passenger details and the card ID that is connected to that passenger are saved both on the local computer at the SmileNGo Personalization Station, as well as in a central database held by the transportation company. The Ticket Management System is fully integrated such that the information is sent back to the transportation company servers via online network connections.


Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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