Traverze TVM

  • What does it do? +

    The Traverze TVM is a ticket vending machine that can issue travel cards or paper tickets, as well as reload travel cards. Travelers can pay with cash, coins, or credit cards.
    They can even prepay over the internet and simply come to load their travel card. The Traverze TVM can also be used as a validator and can validate trips from previously purchased and loaded cards. The Traverze TVM is capable of storing and offering a wide array of ticketing plans, or contracts, to the passengers. For example, daily, weekly, or monthly tickets can be purchased. If the passenger prefers, he can issue a travel card on the spot, and then load it according to his travel needs.
    The purchase may be just for inner city travel, or it could be for suburban lines as well, depending on what the passenger needs. The Traverze TVM is a part of the TapNGo integrated ticket management system from Transway.
  • How does it work? +

    The passenger chooses what service they wish to receive from the Traverze TVM. They may want to simply purchase a paper ticket, add credit to an existing smart travel card, or purchase a new smart travel card.
    The passenger then has the option to choose their preferred payment method – cash or credit card. The passenger is guided by a logical step by step menu throughout the process. In the case that the passenger decides to use cash, they can pay with bills, coins, or a combination, and they receive their change in coins. In the case that the customer chooses to pay with a credit card, the system not only checks that the credit card is valid, but also makes certain that there is credit to cover the payment, thus avoiding potential misuse of the credit card by the passenger. Like other Transway TapNGo products, the Traverze TVM has bidirectional communication with the back office.
    This Ticket Vending Machine is monitored constantly from the main office control center, and events are reported back to that center in real time. In terms of managing the Traverze TVM, a courier fills and empties the machine manually, generally every 3-4 days. The back office system knows when the courier needs to service the machine, and informs him when that is necessary. This adds to the efficiency of your entire network and avoids unnecessary trips to the Traverze TVM by your employees. Like a driver, the courier also goes to the Cashier Station in order to drop off the money, as well as to pick up cash and coins to fill the machine so that change can be given to the passengers. The cash and coins are kept in separate compartments.
  • Where is it used? +

    The Traverze TVM is used on platforms and at central bus stations, major stations, depots and centers. It is often used on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems and light rail systems.
  • What are its characteristics? +

    The Traverze ticket vending machine is sturdy and strong, and can withstand an array of weather conditions including heat, cold, sun, rain, humidity, dust and snow, so that it can be placed either indoors or outdoors.
    Transway’s newest ticket vending machine, the Traverze TVM, includes an interactive touch screen, allowing for unmanned ticketing machines to be used at practically any station or platform. The interactive touch screen can be programmed in multiple languages, and can include helpful graphics, such as area maps, for the passengers. It has an intuitive interface, and a large 15” color touch screen that is easily readable in different lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.
    The operating screens seamlessly guide the passenger to perform the required actions. Ease of use is further enhanced with (optional) voice communications service with a remote service center. The ticket vending machine is designed for easy access by wheelchair bound passengers using the bus ticketing systems. The SafegurdEXT© security on the Traverze TVM is especially stringent, with a reinforced steel front door that requires authorization from the control center in order to be opened. The doors lock at several points and include a battery backed alarm system to prevent intrusion. The standard SafegurdEXT© security includes a SEC1 double mechanical lock system, MT5 Mul-T-Lock cylinder and removable locking lever. The system is fastened shut with four bolts for securely locking the door. The electronic ticketing system includes an array of magnetic sensors and volume sensors for identifying the opening and / or penetration of the ticket vending machine. The Traverze TVM also offers additional options for added security.
    For example, a mechanical and triple electronic system, including a mechanical lock to open the defense casing of the main lock is available. Opening this lock without opening the door within fifteen (15) seconds will put the system into a loud and silent alarm mode. The main lock is electronic, and requires a smart card. This system can be set up to receive electricity from an outside source in the case of a black out or other electricity failure. The Traverze TVM is sturdy, robust, reliable, flexible and easy for the passengers to use.
  • What are the benefits? +

    The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine allows you to save on manpower and increases efficiency by allowing customers to purchase tickets independently within your Public Transport Ticketing System. The multilingual (5 languages, including Right to Left languages) feature allows for a very wide range of travelers and tourists to use the ticketing machines. The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine allows you to cover all of the bases for best serving your customers.
    By accepting bills, coins, credit cards, and optional on-line purchases, your customers have a wide range of choices and options to pay for their travel needs. The fact that your customers can use the Traverze TVM ticket vending machine to purchase paper tickets, blank smart cards with no contract or travel plan, add credit to their current or new smart cards for all types of fares and passenger types, as well as validate their card for their current trip means that this flexible ticketing machine provides all of the sales and validation services that you need at the station.
    Since it is so easy to use, and since you can take advantage of the large, colorful, and sunlight readable screen, the customer experience is quick and easy. In addition to increasing passenger capacity as a result of the efficiency ensued, your customers appreciate the investment in them and how easy information is attained and the ease with which tickets and cards can be purchased and loaded. The safety and security of your data, which is physically protected, as well as electronically backed up through multiple communications methods, is another benefit for your electronic ticketing system.
  • What are the add-ons and options? +

    Additional hours of power for the built in UPS system (system comes with 4 hours and can be expanded) Voice communications service Added security options.
  • How is it Unique? +

    The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine has a built in UPS. This means that you can be rest assured that even when there are power outage issues, your passengers are still able to perform the activities they need to in order to travel. The UPS provides a minimum of four (4) hours of power, and is expandable for longer time periods, upon the request of the customer. All of Transway’s platform products, including the Traverze TVM ticket vending machine works on very low power, and are environmentally friendly green units. They can even be connected to solar power systems! The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine power saving features means that it is economical, will save money and power. To put it in perspective, the Traverze TVM ticket vending machine uses less energy than a regular light bulb. The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine is energy efficient and its screens and assemblies are turned off and automatically when not in use, and then restart upon the approach of users. The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine detects the ambient light and adjusts the intensity of screen lighting automatically. The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine has built in redundancy and survivability. Like all Transway field products, the Traverze TVM ticket vending machine has internal storage (SSD) built in. Regarding communications, there is both cellular and LAN communication. One is a backup for the other, and you can decide one you use as the main and which is the backup. The SafegurdEXT© security on the Traverze TVM ticket vending machine is especially stringent, with a reinforced steel front door that requires authorization from the control center in order to be opened. The requirement for pre-planning maintenance and operations from the back office and the organized and hierarchical planning methodology means a higher level of security. Separate doors for technician and the courier is just another example of the precautions taken for the security of the machine and the money being held. Traverze TVM ticket vending machine includes a centralized management system of the cash in your machines throughout the transit system. This includes balances, bills, and coins. This knowledge allows your management team to decide what to do with the machines, and when. The Cashier Station tracks how much money is in the machine and knows when a courier needs to be dispatched to pick up money. Furthermore, the robust system of the sales process includes multiple steps for checking the credit of your passengers and prevents fraud. The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine has unprecedented flexibility for executing additions and changes in the feature sets includes even changes in hardware or internal equipment, such as adding a sensor. The Traverze TVM ticket vending machine reads the entire gamut of smart cards, including ISO-14443 A&B, Calypso ®, Mifare ®, DESfire®, and NFS.
  • Technical Data +

    Display monitor

    17'', viewing format 3:4, daylight and direct sunlight

    Touch interface

    Based on capacitive touch interface, behind glass thickness 6 mm to prevent vandalism

    SAM slots


    Memory Array

    2GB DDR2 667MHz, 32GB HDD, local dual HDD RAID1

    Smart Card reader / writer

    One stapled to entrance of the automatic ticket issuing facility

    Second stapled to entrance of smart card validating and charging

    Card reading distance - 4 cm Supports the following standards: ISO-14443, A & B, Calypso®, Mifare®,  Mifare Plus®,DESfire ®, NFC

    Acoustic indication

    Two 2W speakers


    2 x LAN, 6 x USB, 4 x RS232C/RS485

    Location service

    GPS receiver SIRF IV with 48 tracking channels, 15s fast location acquisition (Optional)

    Extra communication options

    RS232, RS485, CANbus 2.0, Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi 802.1 1 b/g, HDMI 1.2

    Communication method to central office

    On board cellular modem (2G to 3.5G option), 2xLAN, Secure disk-on key / Data Communications Unit (DCU) for backup purposes

    Thermal Printer

    Paper size: 80 mm print sie; 60 characters (character size 10X24) Paper roll length; 400 meters

    Banknotes Validator

    Banknotes can be inserted in four (4) dirrerent directions. Accuracy in identifying for the first entry attempt: 96%

    Coins Validator Device

    Programmable, get up to 32 different coins
    Coins sizes: 16 mm – 32 mm
    Coin thickness: 1.2 mm – 3.3 mm

    New Smart Card Ejector 

    Number of blank smart cards per cartridge – 500
    Contains an independent smart card reader  / writer

    Credit card reader

    Magnetic card reader according to ISO7811 standard
    MTBF of at least 1 million; Magnetic and chip card reader, EMV and PCIe

    Electrical system

    Nominal voltage: 110-230 VAC 50Hz, 0.4A, 92W
    Maximum current consumption: 342W (while charging batteries)
    Protection: Automatic fuse inside the device, an internal electronic fuse,
    over-current protection, over/lower voltage
    Protection ESD: 5kV, EN61000-4-2
    EMI protection for supply lines: EN50081/2


    Operation: (-10ºC) - (+65ºC), Storage: (-20ºC) - (+75ºC)


    80% at 30ºC non condensation

    Protection from dust and water


    UPS system

    Full batteries charge in 8 hours


    Height: 180 cm, width: 90 cm, depth: 50 cm, weight (full): 230 kg

    Button for the visually impaired

    Stands out from the surface button, can be felt by touch

  • Key Features Quicklist +

    For the traveler
    o Simple operation
    o Color graphic user interface
    o App supports up to five (5) languages, including Right to Left langauges
    o Accepts multiple forms of transactions – cash, bills, coins and credit cards
    o Capability to act as validator for smart card tickets, issue paper tickets, and top off smart cards
    o Easy to use for passengers, intuitive and logical

    For the transportation provider
    o Part of TapNGo, an integrated management and control system for public transportation fare collection
    o High product reliability
    o Capability to transfer large volumes of data, with no limitations in the coming years
    o Modular product that allows for 15 or more years of maintenance based on replacing platforms
    o Robust system that withstands a wide range of weather (heat, cold, sun, snow, rain, humidity, dust…)
    o Safeguards and backup of all data
    o Centralized development and manufacturing of product and its components
    o Holds up to 500 blank smart cards
    o Highly secure with numerous features to prevent intrusion and vandalism
    o Android Operating System

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Traverze TVM does it all

Traverze TVM does it all

  • cash, credit, or on-line payment
  • paper tickets or smart travel cards
  • purchase, top off, validate

Traverze TVM

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Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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